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Mortgage rates are lower!


It's a great time to get into the real estate market if you are looking to buy or sell a home!  Yes, the interest rates are slightly higher than last year, but they are still historically low compared to just 10-15 years ago!  When I purchased my first home in GA the interest rate was 12%!  It was a little lower when I bought my second home in TN at 8% which most buyers thought was a low rate.  I hope this information puts in perspective how low today's rates actually are.  It's also a perfect time for sellers to get in on this market too.  The inventory, or homes being offered for sale in today's market, is low compared to the number of buyers looking to purchase.  Homes in great condition, a desirable location and priced correctly are in multiple offer situations quite frequently.  This pushes up your sale price which is great-as long as the appraised value meets that price.  Let's get together and discuss the market further!

2016 Area Market Performance


So far in 2016, the real estate market has shown marked increases in home values and decreased days on market due to low inventory.  This is to be expected in the first quarter of the new year in general.  Spring should bring an increase in property listings, equalizing the buying to selling ratio.  With inventory up from spring through early fall, the buying to selling ratio should equalize into a more even market rather than the seller's market we are currently in.  All in all, this is going to be a great year in real estate in my opinion. 

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